Teeth” Electric Lit, Fall 2020

Structural Report” Cream City Review, Spring 2020

The Fourth TrimesterTin House Online, Spring 2019

How to Move Through the DarkCatapult, Winter 2018

Tilting at WindmillsThe Masters Review, Winter 2018

Choose Your Own” Black Warrior Review, Winter 2017

Girl Doll” Crazyhorse, Spring 2017

Quartzsite” Blue Mesa Review, Fall 2016

GirlsThe Conium Review’s Online Compendium, Summer 2016

“Benediction” Alligator Juniper, Spring 2015

Awards & Honors:

Runner-up for the Cream City Review 2019 Fiction Prize, selected by Ramona Ausubel

Semi-finalist for the 2018 American Short(er) Fiction Prize

Recipient of 2018 Career Advancement Grant from Colorado Creative Industries 

Best of the Net 2017 Finalist

Semi-finalist for the 2017 American Short Fiction Prize

2nd place in Blue Mesa Review 2016 Contest, judged by Jensen Beach

Runner-up in Crazyhorse 2016 Crazyshorts! Contest

Runner-up in Alligator Juniper 2015 Fiction Contest